Nuno Pitta, CEO of DPMC, expert in strategy and change management

June 30, 2020

He has been a corporate governance manager at Pwc working directly with clients such as Novartis, Camper, Chevron Texaco, Sara Lee, Sony, Indukern Group, Ferrer and others. Former CEO of Dows Group, international electronics retail chain.

How can we build a solid and differentiating purpose?

What makes a purpose differentiator of any other is the way you build it. You need to be consistent and authentic in that process, consistent with the management tools you use that are aligned with that purpose and authentic to the people who have participated and connected for that purpose. The process is what will make us unique and different in the market, not the result, the image or the phrase itself.

How does purpose impact the organization’s corporate culture?

The purpose itself does not impact the culture of the organization. Organizations generally already have a purpose in their cultures, what is lacking are the tools for people to participate and live with that purpose. At DPMC, we use missions as a tool in order that everyone in the company think about how they contribute to that purpose, so that they think about what they’re there for, allowing the inspiring phrase of purpose to be connected to each person, to their acts of the day to day and with their aspirations for the future.

Two success stories

Leading American automotive company with more than 6,000 workers made up of high-performance teams, but with one problem: there is a great disconnection of staff with the organization that results in high rates of turnover, absenteeism, efficiency, Etc. We implement purpose-focused management at all levels to build a new leadership connected to people. Personnel and efficiency indicators have done a big change.

Israeli leading company that wants to boost diversity in its organization as a way to drive innovation and development. The company has always had in its “adn” to achieve a better world through technology. DPMC has collaborated with this company to create a systemic model for the construction of the purpose and all its staff aligned with it, connected with the values and with the “adn” of the company.

According to Nuno Pitta, “The only way to generate unity is through a sense of mission. I live it every day in my family and with the organizations that trust us.”

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