June 30, 2020

Semillas Fito is a multinational company present in more than 70 countries that have been practising the Management by Missions methodology for years. Eduard Fitó is also the president of the ISF, the most significant association of the seed sector at a global level.

What consequences have had the model among the collaborators?

In order to lead an international sales convention in which agents from several countries attend, the manager in charge of the organization asked himself how people from distinct cultures could understand the meaning of the Management by Missions. The manager, along with the communication team, elaborated a whole workshop about Semillas Fito’s purposes and missions with such powerful ideas as “we want to influence our farmers”, “we want to build up the knowledge in our community”, things that were already being done and seemed logical but constantly connected with the purpose, hence should be explained.

The impact of the Management by Missions in other cultures.

Semillas Fitó first started on India’s market with many complications and some failures. India’s reality is different from Europe’s, in Eduard Fitó’s words, “their main purpose is to earn more money than their parents and ideally less than their kids, focusing everything into win money and progress economically, with a culture that lacks individualism”. When the concept of Management by Missions was explained in the company, it was spreading, but not being interiorized. There was a empty company that only thought about sales when the purpose was another one; “to change the local farming, to generate job positions with personal and professional development”. The consideration is that failure came from not achieving to apply the Management by Missions in the organization with the Indian subsidiary.

According to Eduard Fitó, to focus all your attention on the quotes which describe your mission and not others, those must be full of content and actions.

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