Carlos Rey is Founder of DPMC and Professor and Director of the Chair Management by Missions and Corporate Governance at Universidad Internacional de Cataluña

June 30, 2020

He has worked as Executive Steering at Ficosa International and in the German multinational Hulsbeck und Fürst.

What are the key ideas of the book “Purpose Driven Organizatons”?

The book revolves around an idea. The purpose has three dimensions: knowledge, motivation and action, which we represent as head, heart and hands. The intention is to live the purpose coherently, the connection between head and hands; to live the purpose authentically, the connection between head and heart; and live the purpose with integrity, which is the connection between our motivations and our action.

How has business changed since we talked about this concept?

A new management logic is being created, a different way of understanding the organization, even a different way of understanding the relationship between the boss, the subordinate, between the company and the employee. Fundamentally we can highlight two things: the evolution from employee to contributor in which each person feels like someone who contributes to a purpose in the organization; and the second is the relationship between purpose and profit, defining strategies that are not only aligned with the profit of the company but seek the balance between economic value and social value.

How does purpose impact the organization’s corporate culture?

The purpose not only impacts in the organization but also impacts all its stakeholders; the purpose is not done for stakeholders but is built with them. This creates a unity between employees and their stakeholders: customers, suppliers, shareholders, etc.

How does corporate purpose balance with personal purpose?

In two ways: one way is through how your personal purpose flow to the purpose of the organization through your daily work (case of a supermarket cashier and its dealings with customers); and a second way is through the synergy between personal purpose and the purpose of the company because they converge (doctor and hospital case). Both ways are supported and required by each other.

According to Carlos Rey, “living the purpose in a coherent, authentic and complete way both personally and in your organization is what will allow you to live fully and meaningfully”

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