June 30, 2020

Funderia Condals, S.A. is a family business that exports the 96% of its sales, with factories in Catalonia and Slovakia, and started applying the Management by Missions on the company in 2016.

How has your relationship with the collaborators changed after applying this model?

Antoni Puigmal explains that this model generated a great impact on himself at a personal level too. As an engineer, therefore having a more technical than humanistic education, he didn’t pay attention to the feelings and the emotions of the people he worked with. Quoting his words: “the model made me think about what the person needed and to ask him; how can I help you?” a fact that wouldn’t fit with his technical reasoning about getting results and ratios. Antoni Puigmal apprehended that if what he aspired was to achieve sustainability of the business and its results, he had to understand the necessary motivation of the people and to go beyond the results.

Why is having a personal mission important?

According to the CEO of Funderia Condals, having a personal mission has led him to personal growth and a present, past, and future challenge. The companies have seen themselves forced to engage in a continuous improvement which requires a constant review of the proceedings of all the organization to adapt to the change. Here is where the importance of the personal mission comes in. The whole organization and its employees, individually, must know why, for what, and for whom are they doing their job. The answers to these questions give sense to their job and allow them to reach the excellence “which Funderia Condals always looks for”

According to Antoni Puigmal, people are aware of the effects the new model implies when the phase of shared missions starts, point in time when, individually and by departments, they must explain how they contribute to achieving the organization’s mission, why, for what, and for whom.

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